Thursday, August 28, 2008

Photos from AIDS 2008 - FRESH!

So, IRMA finally got its act together and uploaded all of our photos from AIDS 2008 in Mexico City into a set on Flickr. Click here to see all of them.

The picture above was taken at Partners in New Prevention Technologies booth in the Global Village IRMA shared with the Global Campaign for Microbicides, the AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition, the African Microbicides Advocacy Group and PATH. IRMA member Lanre Onigbogi of Nigeria is pictured center.

Check out all of our photos and see IRMA - and our friends - in action --- from the "Invisibile Men" pre-conference to IRMA's event with Elizabeth Pisani to protests, posters, plenaries, workshops and the Global Village.

Have photos you would like to add to our AIDS 2008 collection? Send us an email! Many thanks to Arwa Meijer (pictured top right) of the Global Campaign for Microbicides for sharing some of her best pics with us.

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