Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Get Real! Meet Your Prostate

via Get Real!, Heather Corinna's popular sexuality advice column, now on RH Reality Check

novastar asks:

I'm not gay, but I like my butt and anus played with. Can someone tell me why?

Heather replies:

I sure can, and I'm glad you asked.

Know what? Some gay men do NOT like having any sort of anal sex. Enjoyment of anal sex does not define or determine homosexuality, and lack of enjoyment of anal sex does not define or determine heterosexuality. So, a guy can be gay and yet not be all that interested in or even enjoy anal play. You can also be gay without engaging in anal sex: being gay is about being attracted to the same-sex, not about having a certain kind of sex, so even a gay guy who never has sex with anyone is still gay, just like a hetero person who has never had sex can still know they're heterosexual and be heterosexual. A guy can be straight and enjoy anal sex great big bunches: if you only desire anal play with men, then we're dealing with an orientation issue, but if you desire and enjoy anal play full-stop, it's just not about sexual orientation. Men of all orientations may or may not enjoy sexual anal stimulation, and the same goes for women of all stripes.

The anus is pretty darn sensitive for men and women alike, full of sensory nerve endings. Most of us tend to enjoy sex the most when it focuses on the places where our bodies are most sensitive, and thus, plenty of people enjoy anal sex of various kinds. Our anuses and rectums are also part of our genitals as a whole, so stimulation of the anus can increase stimulation of or sensation in our other parts.

With men particularly, a big reason anal stimulation or sex can be so enjoyable is because of your prostate gland (women don't have one).

The prostate is a very sensory, walnut-sized gland that is inside the body, below your bladder between your rectum and the urethra at the base of your penis. You can look at our cross-section of the male sexual anatomy to see exactly where it is.

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