Thursday, July 24, 2008

Completing the Prevention Quilt

IRMA regularly features bite-sized bios of Friendly Rectal Microbicide Advocates on its website. Henrik's below is one of the most recent additions. Read more here.

Henrik Arildsen
Copenhagen, Denmark

Henrik serves as the chairman of HIV-Danmark, a Copenhagen-based NGO. He has been involved in the Global Campaign for Microbicides for several years now, which eventually lead to his involvement with IRMA. “Funding in Denmark goes solely to an international group which only focuses on vaginal microbicides. And that needs to change.”

He believes that rectal microbicides are needed to make a “complete quilt” of prevention methods to address the diversity of human sexuality. Henrik’s commitment to microbicide advocacy is clear as he takes every opportunity to talk to key persons in the Danish government and in Danish organizations to draw focus to rectal microbicides in addition to vaginal microbicides.

And while Henrik is passionate about serving as a microbicide advocate, he also takes time for himself to relax and pursue his other passions of cooking, wining, and dining with friends and family.

Are you a rockin' rectal microbicide advocate and want to share your story with IRMA for inclusion on our website and blog? Contact Anand Sandesara and let him know!

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