Monday, June 9, 2008

The Global Mapping of Pleasure - for you!

[Thanks to IRMA member Jo Robinson for sending this to us! It is a fantastic document.]

The Global Mapping of Pleasure is a collection of practical, conceptual and inspiring case studies of individuals and organizations around the world who aim to empower people by eroticizing safer sex and making sex education sexy. It is intended for a wide audience, including:

• sex educators

• sexual and reproductive health organizations

• medical personnel and those working in reproductive health clinics

• people and organizations focused on HIV prevention, and HIV and AIDS treatment and care

• researchers and academics

• donors and governments

• people and companies that produce erotic media, such as porn films and magazines, and those
working in mainstream media

• everyone who is tired of hearing the same-old prevention messages – that sex is dangerous, something to be feared, and that safer sex is un-sexy

• anyone looking for a new, exciting and sexy approach to safer sex and sexual health.

Click here to download the PDF

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