Thursday, May 15, 2008

What's IRMA Reading?

Wild about Whiteside? Pissed off at Pisani? Happy about the Halperins - and delirious with delight about debating the merits of David H vs Daniel H?

IRMA has been ecstatic about the level of discussion on the listserv surrounding the ideas proposed in Elizabeth Pisani's latest book, as well as a recently published article by Potts, Halperin (Daniel), et al.

Therefore, we want to start our own suggested reading list. If you have any recommended reading, particularly focussed on the issues dear to IRMA's heart, then please submit them to us, and we will add them to our reading list right here on our blog. Better yet, if you'd like to write up a brief review, we would be eternally grateful.

PLEASE write to us now with your ideas!

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