Thursday, April 3, 2008

Love for IRMA


I finally got around to reading all of "Less Silence, More Science"--which I printed out forever ago and set aside, to read during that free afternoon that never, ever comes around... at least not in my life. I was enormously impressed by the document: the high quality of the writing (clear, concise, appropriately impassioned when that was called for, appropriately objective when that was called for); the elegance of the graphic design; the credentials of the IRMA steering committee; and, last but certainly not least, the breadth of support you have been able to line up.

Please extend my congratulations to all concerned.


P.S. A confession: Every time I came across the acronym IRMA, I had to suppress recollections of Ludlam's delicious "Irma Vep," which I saw in a ratty theater in New York's West Village decades ago. I doubt most readers had that problem....

Edwin Bayrd
Associate Director
UCLA AIDS Institute

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