Thursday, April 24, 2008

IRMA tiene una hermana nueva

Yes, IRMA has a new sister - IRMA-ALC (América Latina y El Caribe) which will focus on rectal microbicide advocacy and research efforts in Latin America and the Caribbean. This exciting, new collaboration - with chairs from Peru, Ecuador and Brazil - was officially announced on the IRMA teleconference - "Successful Implementation of HIV Prevention Trials in Peru" - which took place today, April 24. Click here to see the slides from that call.

Says IRMA-ALC chair Jerome Galea - "In all of Latin America and the Caribbean, there are only
two microbicide clinical trials underway, one in the Dominican Republic and the other in Puerto Rico; both are for vaginal products. These studies represent important steps in the advancement of microbicide research. Nevertheless, in much of Latin America, HIV is transmitted by anal intercourse, making vital the advocacy, development, testing and availability of rectal microbicides for men and women in the region. Together with IRMA, IRMA-ALC provides a framework for citizens, advocates and scientists from countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean to put rectal microbicides on the regional map by disseminating information in local languages and promoting their culturally competent research and development. "

Stay tuned to this blog for more updates around this collaboration. And por favor, check out IRMA-ALC's webpage.


jim pickett said...

Tnis is so exciting! Thanks to all who helped make this collaboration happen. IRMA stands ready to support your regional advocacy efforts.

What region of the world will be next to give IRMA a sister, or brother?

Marc-André LeBlanc said...

Que bueno!

We wish you much success!

Unidad de Ensayos Clínicos - Perú said...

debe ser que empezaremos a tener más buenas noticias en adelante.

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