Monday, March 17, 2008

[Delhi Dynamos] Kadiri Audu of Lagos, Nigeria

Correspondence from IRMA advocates
by way of India

M2008 memories and the path forward

Taking rectal microbicide advocacy
to the next level in Lagos

by Kadiri Audu, Lagos. Nigeria
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First, I want to thank the organizers of Microbicides 2008, IRMA, AIDS Foundation of Chicago and the John Shaw Memorial Scholarship fund that gave me the opportunity to attend the M2008 in New Delhi.

New Delhi is beautiful and the weather was just alright. I do not know if there is any better place to have hosted the conference in India, the conference was exciting and wonderful. It was interesting to have met new advocates from other parts of the world, and it was also interesting to know that people from the developed world like the USA and Canada are actually leading the research on rectal microbicides. Also, the Advocates Corner was a splendid idea because it gave the John Shaw Scholarship recipients, new advocates, and other IRMA members the chance to meet one another and build networking links among ourselves. My favorite memory was the chance to meet other advocates and the dinner organized for the conference participants.

I have been sharing my experience of the conference with members of the various networks that I belong to in our meetings. In addition to sharing my experience, I also share some materials that I collected at the advocates corner, i.e. stickers, pens and posters carrying the message about the conference.

In taking rectal microbicide advocacy to the next level, we have already formed Lagos IRMA, the aim is to mobilize more advocates in line with IRMA research and activities. We have even started e-mailing in that regards - our email address is, myself and Abdullrahaman formed it. He is also a new advocate that attended the conference and we operate from the same city. As of today we have 21 new members from our community.

Presently we are looking at reaching out to more people and groups like the youth leaders, the artisan groups like the hair dressers association, barbers association, the auto mechanic association, etc within our locality.

I would also like to suggest that we have training opportunities for us and our new members so as to be able to carry on the work effectively.

Thanks once again.
Kadiri Audu E

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