Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Will male circumcision protect women, ask advocates?


Marge Berer highlighted confusion among men about the degree of protection that circumcision affords, and the danger that men may use condoms less frequently or not at all following the operation. To counteract such problems, she suggested that circumcision should be publicly described as like a cheap condom that breaks 40% of time.

Berer gave the hypothetical example of a man who had refused an HIV test at the time of circumcision, and was unknowingly HIV-positive. He thinks that circumcision will now protect him from HIV and so stops using condoms. “If he continues depositing semen in his partner’s body every time they have sex, his partner is in a worse position than he or she was before," she said.

Read the rest on aidsmap.

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Anonymous said...

circumcision is better than no protection at all

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