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Project ARM - rectal microbicide research and advocacy in Africa, with a focus on increasing access to safe, condom-compatible lubes for Africans

IRMA member Larry Misedah w/report.

Read IRMA's Project ARM (Africa for Rectal Microbicides) report: "On the Map: Ensuring Africa’s Place in Rectal Microbicide Research and Advocacy" in April 2012.

Click here for the report, and click here to read the press release issued upon the report's launch. This strategy document, developed by African advocates, researchers, and global allies, outlines priority actions to ensure Africa fully engages in rectal microbicide research and advocacy activities, including the integration of safe anal-sex messaging into HIV prevention programs and Global Lube Access Mobilisation (GLAM.)

Click here for a fact sheet on Project ARM.         

Read about the origins of the Project ARM initiative in a blog post from 2011 by IRMA Chair Jim Pickett featured on Science Speaks.

Global Lube Access Mobilisation (GLAM) - Background and Toolkit

Throughout the world, and especially in Africa, safe, condom-compatible lubricant is inaccessible for most people who engage in anal intercourse. A number of analyses in various settings indicate the use of oil-based products is the most common form of lubrication – and is known to significantly reduce condom effectiveness.

Faced with the lack of condom-compatible lubricants, people often resort to such products as body lotion, soap, cooking oil, spit, pre-cum, antibiotic creams, and even motor oil to provide lubrication during anal intercourse. This lack of appropriate lubricant products for people who practice anal intercourse is unacceptable.

A key recommendation in Project ARM's "On The Map" report is to make safe, affordable, condom-compatible lubricant available to all Africans who engage in anal intercourse, including gay men and other men who have sex with men, transgender individuals, and heterosexual men and women. With this recommendation, IRMA, amfAR, and AVAC launched the Global Lube Access Mobilisation (GLAM).

"The GLAM Toolkit: Advocacy to improve access to safe, condom-compatible lubricant in Africa" is available in English and in French ("La boîte à outils GLAM: Plaidoyer pour améliorer l’accès en Afrique à du lubrifiant fiable et adapté au préservatif.") The Toolkit was redesigned in June 2013, making this Version 2.0 of the document. The Toolkit provides background on the status of lubricant (lube) access in Africa and suggests potential strategies for civil society and government partners to secure and distribute sustainable supplies of safe, condom-compatible lube. It was first launched at the AVAC Partner's Forum in December 2012. The slides from that launch presentation may be downloaded here.

Contact us if you are an African advocate or researcher, or a global ally, and would like to become involved with rectal microbicide research and advocacy in Africa through Project ARM, or help to increase access to safe, condom-compatible lubricants via GLAM.

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